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Actuismus | Theory
In latin: actus: motion

Actuismus is a basis-oriented art-theoretical summary, manifested in the diverse currents of the respective cultural society in that the artist works in.
Actuismus is a form of minimal art, it defines the action, and reveals a part of the artistic process of creation. Focusing on the handwriting of the artist, exploring issues of de-velopment, transformation and inter-pretation.
Actuistic work develops within a set time limit. The selected reduced the form of execution makes it possible to conceive the origin of the work.
Beginning with compositions with strong contrasts, a rela-tively simple task to position and disposition the surrounding field. The relationship of the contrasts to the non contrasts (polychrome pictures and sculptures) up to the invisible form make it visible for the viewer.
Three dimensional work functions in the same way, where the space affiliation and proportions made by the artist, reveal the area that the other area leaves open.
Actuistic work creates the area in a self-chosen restricted space. The number of possibilities and the arrangement of three lines is inconceivably large. If it comes to apparent repetitions, then only because the artist has his own
rhythm which he follows unconsciously. Each story a work of art represents is a part of the history of the artist that created it. Even in the reproduction of an art work, it always carries the artists signature.
Core topic is the handwriting and the conversion made by the artist, and that in itself developers into the end product. A compressed compliment of substantial factors are: the personality and temperament of the artist, the
experience and the will to influence the work in such a way that it then developers into what it has to be. By pursuing the development the viewer becomes a part of the process. Recognition after immersing into an art work, wakes
“homeland feeling” and makes it easier for the viewer to comprehend. Each work of art holds a piece of Actuismus, minimalistic or monumental that is not of importance. Actuismus goes to the root of all artistic styles.
The viewer selects the form, in which he can understand or recognize a piece of art..
What makes a successful constitution of a composition?
Is it our cultural roots that make it familiar, or is it what we have learned to understand?

Marius D. Kettler

Marius D. Kettler | Actuism | Paintings | Sculptures |

In latin: actus: motion

The concept behind Actuism is the theory that all creative work is based on action and motion, Every work of art has a component of Actuism within it, every artsist reveals their personal story and perspective with each work created. Actuism goes to the roots of all forms of artistic expression. The theory of Actusim is the reduction in a composition focusing on the essential factors in an artwork, creating a confined space combined with the authenticity of the handwriting of the artist and the origin of where the artwork was created, in compliance with changs of the surroundings resulting in new modifications and interpretations. The viewer chooses the form which they are able to recognize and explain an artistic work.

Actuism can be seen as a form of minimal art, though the greatest difference lies in the implementation, not in the theoretical background. The composition, surface and the handwriting of the artist are the major components in Actuism.The number of possibilities to arrange the three lines is ifinite, even when it seems to be repetitive it is not so, every artist has their own rhythm that they unconsciously follow. Each work resembles a signature, where with every stroke and every movement of the hand, the tool that guides to an artistic confession of what the artwork is all about.




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